Canister for EPIRB/PLB Diver Locator Beacon

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In recent years there have been many instances of divers lost at sea. Some were eventually located safely after drifting for one or more days. Many others were not so fortunate and lost their lives.

None of these divers ever thought it would happen to them.

Divers are trained to be responsible for their own safety during a dive...but they have tended to entrust their post dive surface safety to others. Many factors can and all too frequently have conspired to result in divers being left behind when the boat departs.

With currently available EPIRB/PLB technology a drifting diver can be certain of always being located in a relatively short period of time. Anywhere in the World.

Forget about waterproof radios or "safety beacons" which rely on line-of-sight distance between the diver and the boat. Such devices are useless once the drifting diver is over the horizon (only about 7 kilometers). They provide a FALSE sense of security.

The ONLY reliable diver locator technology is a beacon which transmits ever present satellites of the worldwide COPAS-SARSAT network. (Search & Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking) network. The new generation of compact and affordable GPS EPIRB/PLB beacons transmit the diver's exact position to an accuracy of 120 metres.


A lost and drifting diver needs only to activate his PLB on the surface. A GPS enabled PLB will transmit the diver's exact position to an accuracy of about 120 metres. Anywhere in the world. If the PLB was registered after purchase, the rescue coordination centre will even know who the diver is.

Local sea rescue authorities are notified and the diver is easily found.

PLB's are designed to be water resistant on the surface...but not pressure proof. Therefore a diver must protect the PLB in a pressure-proof canister during the dive.


A great deal of thought has gone into the design of our PLB canister ...the HDVSEATEK ePOD:


* Molded from super tough, lightweight glass filled Nylon (not brittle PVC).

* Zero maintenance required. Simply insert a PLB and forget about it.

* Will not corrode. Try opening an aluminium canister when the threads have corroded.

* Unique locking ring design makes opening extremely easy. Requires NO FORCE..

* Very compact. Will fit in most BCD pockets or tech utility pouches.

* Two sizes to fit different sized PLBs.

* 70m depth rating.

* Topside carry pouch included.


PLB's must be purchased in the diver's country/region of residence. Remember...the larger the PLB the longer the battery's transmission life. The smallest PLB's are not necessarily the best. A PLB which has a strobe is better.


HDVSEATEK highly recommends the Australian made GME MT410G 406MHz AccuSat GPS equipped PLB. Requires larger ePOD canister.

A good smaller alternative is the McMurdo FF220 FastFind Mini PLB. Requires smaller ePOD canister.


Of course there is also extra room in the canisters to include other safety devices, e.g. a signal mirror; a surface marker dye; a highly reflective aluminized safety blanket (for signalling and sun protection); etc.